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'Gears of War 3, Biggest Game of the Year'

'Gears of War 3, Biggest Game of the Year'
Jakarta, video game Gears of War 3 hugely successful. Mainstay of the Xbox has sold 3 million units in its first week of marketing. According to Microsoft, so the biggest game sales this year. Not only in terms of sales, the success of the game also looks good from the review.

"Gears of War has become the first killer application game on the Xbox 360 and the series continues to contribute directly to the success of this platform. Gears of War 3 be the largest in the history of Xbox, the standard for action gaming experience on Xbox 360 this year," said Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Phil Spencer.

Achievement Gears of War 3 is commencing impressive. Moreover, war-themed games are only released for the Xbox 360 platform.

Ultimate series also received positive reviews from among the game lovers. Most said Gears of War 3 presents a great conclusion. Its review scores on Metacritic than the maximum number reached 91 100.

Gears of War first published in 2006. Since then, the game is reaping popularity and a mainstay of Microsoft in the console Xboxnya.
'Gears of War 3, Biggest Game of the Year'

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