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China Not Affected by Japan Nuclear Explosion

SHANGHAI - China remains unaffected by a radioactive leak which was followed by a nuclear explosion in Fukushima , Japan . This statement of China' s nuclear watchdog, was quoted as saying by the newspaper Shanghai Daily said on Wednesday ( 16 / 3 / 2011 ) . National Nuclear Security Administration, who take shelter under the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Preservation, made ​​the statement before the press today , based on observations made ​​at 10 . 00 am local time. Since Saturday , March 12 last , ministerial agencies began monitoring radiation in all regions of China and the monitoring results will be published officially on Wednesday (16 / 3 / 2011 ) . Meanwhile , the radiation level in the city of Shanghai still at normal levels, according to an agency which monitors radiation in Jinshang district, Shanghai. According to monitoring results until this evening , so far there is still no abnormal situation . Also confirmed, the agency monitors will continue to monitor the radiation situation and warn all citizens of the city if the situation changes. In addition , Professor Zhu Guoying , a researcher Radiomedicine Institute Fudan University , Shanghai City advises all residents not to panic . If you want to travel, should wear masks to filter air that enters the respiratory and do not forget to use an umbrella when it rains.

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