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Iranian hackers breaking Voice of America Site

WASHINGTON - The hacker who called himself The Iranian Cyber Army ( ICA ) digtal successfully penetrate the security surrounding the international news website , Voice of America (VOA ) . Quite embarrassing incident that occurred Monday . The hackers managed to replace the front page displaying a banner VOA with Iranian flag side by side with an AK- 47 assault rifle . Quoted TG Daily , Wednesday ( 23 / 2 / 2011 ) , this group also posted a statement demanding that U . S . Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton listened to " sound nation - peoples oppressed " and " stop interfering in the state - Islamic countries. " Analyst Bill Gertz of the Washington Times notes , little is known about this ICA , which is claimed without further ado hacking and littering Twitter in December 2009 . However, a number of cyber security experts now believe the ICA operates under the auspices and with the full consent of the Iranian government. Currently the site can be accessed normally , but the VOA has not responded on this incident...

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